Daily guidance

“The first secret of getting what you want is knowing what you want”

Arthur D Haverty

I have aided many people undecided, or believing they don’t know, what they want.

They may once of had a spark, a flutter, a hope

But as life occurs, the light this once carried appears to dim

In reality it is the individuals ability to hold space for the new growth required, whilst observing the end of what was.

Not an easy reality

But a necessary one I see often

The birth of Shaman, through each individuals own unique labour.

Requiring belief, not only in the self but the worth of connection that cones from this.

To Source, each other, life itself.

It often takes a Midwife, a supporter be it friend or adviser to reflect back and encourage this ability to create.

This morning I felt huge gratitude in the messages highlighted for me from my own, Pachamama

I may not like them

But they are in irony what I have been asking for

More connection with my son occuring through my caring for him with covid

Space and time as a result of my husband staying away

Addressing my concerns regarding relational trauma in a counselling session today

Cancelling work commitments and having new availability for the creative spark I conceived yesterday

In this I trust

I know this pattern

The stages of delivery

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, having provided a Sacred space in my home and meditated with my dog on our walk, I sensed many aspects of energy returning as I heard the song “Everything’s coming up roses”

Selecting randomly from behind the Knight of Cups, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Hearing destiny’s child “say my name” I recieved “as a container of these energies, speak of what you want”

The card was the Three of Cups, underneath which sat The Star.

Today know what you want by recognising it’s already always happening

All it requires is a deeper awareness or conscious conception, caring for yourself as the vessel and a bloody good midwife to support you through it’s birth within.

May we all make, share and celebrate with the natural love of this Sacred Union of creation for the gift it always is.

In deepest munay



What is it you really want?


May be an image of outdoors and text

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