Daily guidance

“Open your eyes, look within are you satisfied with the life you’re living”

Bob Marley

Having packed the stone people for a small outing to a local fayre, cleaned up yesterday and painted, this morning I had time.

Rather I made time

To walk my dog as the Sun rose.

To embrace a new day despite my poorly physical form and circumstances

Watching a female deer run in front of us, becoming spaced out and emotional as I tuned into her wisdom, I felt such profound gratitude

For the land I walked

It hasn’t been easy, but this morning giving prayers and healing, acknowledging the growth she has shown me the sounds of her creations the way she has held myself and my family within her womb space, left me in tears

From the beauty, reflected back to me.

But also the complacency I have felt on occasions

There’s no judgement there, just the recognition that all of this too at one point felt like an impossible dream

Knowing I could point to external aspects that had left me forgetful, but that ultimately it had been my own ambitious amnesia, I realised all the other creations that actually had been birthed.

Through myself.

From this place of open power, I shuffled The Tarot, ironically selecting from behind the Six of Swords I became aware of collective emotions triggering my own as I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Hearing the song “tell me what you see” I recieved immediately “Life’s just one big dissapointment” from the ether.

Raising my energy, visualising the knowledge card and a wolf totem I haven’t seen in some time, I placed the card to my higher heart as guided.

Seeing a key turn in a lock I recieved ” open to the wisdom within you this energy can bring”

The card was the Five of Pentacles, underneath which sat The knowledge I had seen.

Today avoid easy options and answers

Look beyond what you would like to see

Be honest and accountable

For it is in this “dissapointment” true gratitude is found for what really matters

Step into to your own personal power by acting with mindfulness and awareness to avoid deception for yourself included

May we all improve upon what we know so our learning may hold its truest purpose of taking us forward with gratitude and beauty, by connecting eith ease to where we are now.

In deepest munay



What is the lesson behind your current dissapointment?


May be an image of text

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