Daily guidance

“You are the channel for the original energy of the creator”

Alberto Villoldo

This morning has been grand.

Letting go of things that are literally out of my control with deep trust has empowered me to bring back my energy from where it isn’t required.

To mind my own busy-ness and as such expand

Allowing the conscious conception of Great Spirit within me to guide my dreams

The vibration is so high, clear and grounded, and the ability to hold space, become a hollow bone , has come from decades of “work”

Trust, courage, connection, clearing, healing and guardianship of myself and place here upon Pachamama

It hasn’t been easy, remembering the cosmology of the Shaman I AM

We all have our own opinions, experiences and views of what right relations are with source and each other

But most important is the one often avoided, with ourselves.

In this space, we know the answers, even the ones we may not like!

The body that requires more nurture

The home that needs love

The animals that wish to be seen as equal

The Earth that longs for just a moment of our time to aid us like any mother

It’s all there, for anyone that chooses to listen, but it can oy be accepted from the level we are at.

Shuffling the Oracle today, in deep peace, having walked my dog, saluted the Sun, cleansed my eleven eyes and prayed in ceremony I selected ironically randomly from behind Earth Keeper, with great pride in my being.

Immediately hearing “let them make of the guidance what they will: I turned over The heart of the sky, beneath which sat the Andean cross.

Today accept responsibility for your world

Become stewards for all life, your own included, and hold Sacred any steps required for this dream to occur.

By growing this love force for all creation within you, in all you do, no matter how small you outgrow the dream for success and achievement and become ready to dream big.

Here may we all set clear, ethical intentions, knowing the impact for Seven generations and allow the Universe, with great humility, deliver the details with our support.

In deepest munay



What will you create today?


May be an image of text that says "Earthkeeper The The Heart of Sky Andean AndeanCross The Cross"

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