Daily guidance

“To sacrifice means to make Sacred”

Albert Villoldo

This morning I declined several opportunities to get up early.

My cat ready to play at 4.44

The Moon waving goodnight at 5.55 as the Sun began to smile

Instead I remained in my own slumber lacking motivation.

Actually that wasn’t true

I had so many plans for our home and gardens, many creative ideas.

All requiring what I didn’t have

The funds to do them

But even that wasn’t strictly honest

Yes it was a definite part to play

But we may also be moving

Another “reason” not to invest time or money

By mid morning, taking these ever mounting “reasons” to Sacred space, I had, had enough.

Of holding on and trying to figure it all out.

Praying to Spirit for guidance with great humility, handing over my concerns, I shuffled The Mystical Shaman Oracle

Glancing at the trees and birds around me, the balance of Pachamama I ironically randomly selected from behind Middle World.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I heard “if you had your time again what would you do differently”

Immediately I felt the loss of my own independence, on all levels and how it no longer felt Sacred within me, this was my true lack of motivation.

My bitterness, resentment and hopelessness around what I had given so freely with such an open heart.

The card was Sacrifice.

Today ask for aid from the invisible realms

Know that Quetzacoatyl, the time to come, prefers songs and prayers to pain or suffering

Offer that which is most precious to you, for its sacrifice and returned Sacredness.

May we all release our concerns by re-dedicating ourselves to our journey, knowing when all is in balance in this World, in ourselves we recieve the support of Pachakutti, and create Heaven on Earth, within.

In deepest munay



What are you willing to make Sacred?


May be an image of tree and outdoors

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