Monday’s musings

This week ( reading below) we are being gifted a much-needed pause to observe our actions pre-eclipse season.

There is a deep division rising within and around us, our reactions and impact are key to the vision we are being asked to deliver.

Momentous change has occurred but many have yet to embody this by witnessing these shifts within their own emotional bodies.

Can we collectively observe the drama and our own individual role within it minus the judgement, move forward and celebrate the end of what we did know by letting go of the need to figure it all out.

Can we embrace the hue-man be-in’s we are.

Those currently in the void of transition are being asked to become guardians of the silence and in this space acknowledge the relevance of their own story.

Our own medicine is the treasure we are here to share but we must take time to receive it fully first for ourselves and then necessary collective healing.

We are being guided to hold onto our Soul’s vision, acknowledge where we actually emotionally are and allow our actions to reflect this.

Much light will be shed ( pun intended) on our emotional rainbow body this week, with large upgrades available for those who can reflect their highest potential.

This will leave many realities no longer applicable.

Here the hidden treasures of the journey can be found.

If we can feel enough- in our relationships, body, dreams and place here- shift the mental conflict of perfectionism, fear, control and worth our emotions will flow with the creative guidance we have been searching for.

This week we are crowning our own sovereignty, remembering as we do so individually, we do so collectively, but only if we can rise above our own judgements with compassion in regard to what labour actually is for each person- the celebration of creation, all of it, and the endurance of light delivered in this space.

May we all recognise we are the vision we have been looking for and expand this truth within all.

In deepest munay



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