Daily guidance

“Those who can, teach”

UK Government advert

A spin off from George Bernard Shaw’s, 1905, stage play, man and superman.

“Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach”

Surely it takes both.

Knowing underneath student and teacher have one thing in common.

The willingness to learn.

The Superpower available to us all

About ourselves, our own skills, process and what we came here to teach through these discoveries.

Our own light

This morning however I resonated with George more, feeling quite numb from the lessons, truth be known.

The familiar struggle with finances, holding me back, at least my perception of it.

In honesty my own faith to rise from it all was wavering.

The last few days I have felt intuitively called to return to a donation basis.

Something that always sang to my Soul, an acceptance that brought me my biggest lessons regarding abundance within and around me.

Having plans to share events and posts alongside my services as I do daily every week, for the last 4 years.

I felt deflated and undecided, surrounded by an etheric shadow.

The response was out of balance.

Both with services, posts and study days.

Leaving me wondering the best way forward.

Something felt off in my own energy.

I’ve never been one for numbers, be that attendees or cost, but I don’t enjoy talking to myself!

This morning however, that was exactly what I did do.

Through the Tarot, my higher Self.

Shuffling the cards, recalling a dream I had last night, a regal woman in a grand hotel, ceiling to floor flowers on the wall, reading the Tarot for us, I remembered journeying with the six of cups, about to move on to the seven.

Illusion, indecision, after sharing in harmony.

Ironically randomly selecting from behind the Queen of Pentacles, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Watching two women walk by my gate with dogs I recalled how the woman in my dream time had pulled The Fool card for me.

Confused, agitated, frustrated and torn, on how best to move forward, feeling unworthy to teach the many ideas I have been gifted, and unsuccessful working in the services I offer, I heard welcome to the machine by Pink Floyd and the above quote.

The card was The Devil, underneath which sat The Queen of Wands

Today face any past experiences and emotions now rising for what they are, the final exam.

Decide what you have discovered

In this choice may we all recieve and teach the freedom that comes from releasing ourself from restricting lessons, be they ours or others.

In munay



What lessons are coming to light for you?


May be an image of text that says "QUEEN XV PENTACLES QUEEN DEY WANDS"

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