Daily guidance

” Thoughts become perception, perception becomes reality. Alter your thoughts, alter your reality”

William James

I love and loathe this

Whilst I recognise the power of our own vision and creativity, I find phrases like the one above somewhat flippant in regard to an individuals journey or process.

My own included


It doesn’t mean it has no element of truth to it.

I guess in reality I perceive the lack of depth in acknowledging someone’s situation inconsiderate.

In honesty I find it detached.

Rightfully so


The irony being when I meet the sentence with its obvious compassion, not only do I agree, I find it very empowering!

Today I, like many of us, have found myself in transition.

Balancing out the upcoming Libra moon, no longer where I was, not quite where I choose to be.

The vibration has been immense

Like all final stages of change

My own sacral has gone bezerk, switching my cycle to a second ovulation phase.

With that comes extreme energy

As a result I am only just sitting to reflect having cleaned, cleansed, gardened bathed and clipped my dog and walked several miles.

Only now do I feel settled, grounded, in this new frequency mentally.

But my body isn’t quite there yet.

I have spent the last 24 hours, in a nauseous, sweating download.

Regardless of how I look at it, it hasn’t been the easiest of energies to shift and adjust with.

Shuffling the Tarot having agreed to several creations over the next few months I felt the energy race like the motorbikes outside my gate as I randomly selected from behind the Ace of Pentacles

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, bombarded by waves of nausea, I found it difficult to perceive this energy as the “gift” it claimed to be.

Nreathing into my body, my root chakra immensely open, I found myself drain yet another download into the Earth beneath me as I recieved “have peace with what is occuring right now”

The card was the Ace of Swords.

Today observe your current process for the gift it is

You may not know what is to happen just yet

You may feel confused, uncertain, unsure

But know how you see yourself and your own ability is the transition currently occuring.

May we all gain the balance required to become our own witness, from here may we create with Divine perception.

In deepest munay



Can you see yourself for the gift that you are?


May be an image of text

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