Daily guidance

“Some see a weed, others see a wish”

The dandelion


Good Friday!!!

Today I obviously can’t help but be aware of the Sacred Masculine in my life.

As ” let’s hear it for the boys” plays on my radio, I feel the sacrifice required to truly see him, within me.

My own logical dilemmas affecting my actions, now requiring surrender.

An opening of my mind, beyond the mental torment, to truly connect to my crown (chakra and sovereignty)

An expansion of my heart, belief widening my arms to recieve the answers I seek.

The necessary need to standstill, to wait patiently as the Archetypal Hanged Man in the Tarot, prior to my own re birth

Here, as we build up to the Libra Full moon I can observe from all angles, widen my own perception and be open to the balance required.

My own Piscean son is off out celebrating.

My “Jesus” look a like husband is working hard

Whilst I, as the metaphorical and literal Feminine am to witness what is occuring.

Shuffling the Tarot, seeking guidance for some of my own concerns I recieved “build it and they will come” as the love shack played on my radio.

Selecting randomly from behind the Eight of Pentacles, tuning into the unknown image in my hands , my eyes were drawn to a dandelion in the garden.

Meditating and receiving the plant medicine I recalled making a wish with them as a child.

Such simple magic

Innocent and pure

Asking this ally for a message I recieved “believe, after all is this not the time of miracles”

The card was Strength.

Today be a real dandy lion!

Connect to your own divinity with grace and patience

Celebrate the work you have completed so far with peace and recognition of your own strength

Here may we all have the courage to express our own truth and open to the answers found within it.

In deepest munay



How can you make today a “Good” Friday?


May be an image of 1 person and flower

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