Daily guidance

“Create effective and inventive strategies to accomplish goals in unorthodox and non direct ways”

Ciro Marchetti

Sometimes I get overwhelmed

I see the potential of something, which is a wonderful, essential gift in my line of work, but in this energy, I, like us all can run the risk of being caught in the expansion of transition.

The void between what is and what could be

The moment right before birth or change

As you can imagine this can be…interesting to navigate!

It is here I find the Tarot incredibly useful.

Not for prediction per se, but to create what I choose to deliver.

By looking at the stage I am at, through their reflection, and formulate, with their aid, a physical plan to move forward.

Obviously I don’t need the Tarot for this, but their ability to open my subconscious as a meditative tool of imagery and symbolism actually grounds me and the information coming through.

With logical flow I find the most efficient way to work alongside rather than against my own Souls potential.

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, I already felt an emphasis on grounding mentally, the extreme inspiration and healing occuring.

To not restrict it with expectations

Keep it all light

Take one step at a time

Aware of ideas that have been building over a decade, coming together I could sense my own underlying block

In my root chakra

It all felt a bit too much

The space needed, the joy, the laughter, the freedom the energy wanting to course through me as I Ironically randomly selected from behind the Nine of Cups.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, visualising a large body of water, feeling like a small fish in a large ocean I heard “break it down, bite size chunks, bit by bit”

The card was the Six of Swords

Today calmly explore your own subconscious potential

Have fun!

Discover the creative steps you can now take that will aid your own steady progress

May we all transition what was into what is to be, with the ease and grace of what now is to guide us.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to move forward?


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