Daily guidance

“Celebrate what you want to see more of”

Thomas J Peters

Manifestation, it’s a funny ole thing!

Something that has come under the spotlight from literally all angles in the last few decades.

Be positive

Stay aligned

Create what you feel

Self worth

It has in its own right brought to the surface a much deeper understanding not only of ourselves, our connection to Pachamama and source but also magic.

An aspect once hidden, punished, feared within each and every psyche.

With this many aspects of trauma, memories, emotions have risen collectively to be cleared.

All in relation to Ayni

Universal flow



Yesterday having performed my own EFT session around finances, I have woken today identifying my own increased needs and relation with money.

Not the bills that need paying, although there obviously, but an energy beyond the place of lack.

Around all the things I wish to share, the ideas bubbling within me looking to be born.

This vibration brings me excitement, joy, wonder, hope

It feels, magical.

Shuffling the Tarot from this space, hearing ” it isn’t about what you don’t have but what you can give” I randomly ironically selected from behind the Page of Coins.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, I felt heyoka energy, The Fool and Merlin himself amused as I recieved “you will be surprised how I appear in your life”

Feeling overjoyed, spaced out I visualised an astronaut bouncing on the fullest of Moons, as I heard the song space cowboy and recieved “don’t forget to ground yourself”

The card was the Four of Wands, underneath which sat The King of Cups

Today focus on what you need, merely as a step towards what you can give.

Don’t stay in the energy of lack, let it guide you towards what you are aiming for

Shoot for the Stars, worst case scenario, you will land on the Moon

May we all have the freedom to release any emotions that affect our own magical flow back into the belly of Pachamama.

In deepest munay



(Ps. If you want emotional freedom I am running an EFT session on my FB page, coincidently with the next Full Moon! )


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