Daily guidance

“I liked my lesson, lesson lesson,

Liked my lesson to save my soul.

Wasn’t that a blessing, blessing, blessing,

Wasn’t that a blessing so I was told.”

Ha ha this a way

Lead Belly

What a name!

Lead Belly

The sacral Centre

Our creative teacher

So often ignored or misunderstood

My own felt somewhat knotted this morning

Sat in the garden, the blossoming of so much hard work just beginning to show.

At a time when I must now leave it all to grow itself

Move on

The beauty and gratitude of it all, the whole journey here, almost tinted my vision


My choice to move away from the country began to falter

Made solely based on finances

My own beliefs as to what “was out there” what I could afford, destroying any inspiration within my own Feminine metaphorical cup.

In this awareness, shuffling the Tarot I asked for guidance and recieved “insight with no action is a wasted potential” as I randomly ironically selected from behind the Five of Pentacles

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands I heard the above song

Eyes drawn to the fields in front of me, the junction marking pointing to an area just up the road from me

I debated the guidance due to my own perceived restrictions

Becoming confused I recieved ” when you ask from a place of doubt that is all you will see”

The card was the Seven of Pentacles, behind which sat Faith.

Today notice the teachings around you blossoming

Accept the gift of their lessons

Consciously conceive what is being asked of you now

From this space of true gratitude may we all recognise the faith needed in ourselves to truly “reap what we have sown”

In deepest munay



Do you have the faith to create what you are asking for?


May be an image of text that says "Coins Goins 5 て"

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