Daily guidance

“Toto did not really care whether he was un Kansas or the land of Oz so long as Dorothy was with him. But he knew the little girl was unhappy and that made him unhappy too”

L. Frank Baum

Welcome to the 4.4.4. Portal!

We are most definitely not in Kansas or anywhere we may like to call familiar anymore

Yet many continue to return to what was once their home.

Views, patterns, behaviours that serve to confuse the yellow and good red road.

No judgement on my part, just awareness, for I too have been clicking ny heels together wanting different answers with the same questions!

Today, with the vibration of 14 or 5 we are being guided to look at our own structures, walk our own talk as always and create any change from where we actually now are.

Whether that be familiar or not

We are home

In our bodies

This is where the true magic has always been

This week mamy have seen areas that need uniting with inside of themselves.

To nurture, heal, connect to in order to actually realise the growth that has occurred.

It is the bringing of the past into now that affects our reality

We are being asked to let it go

Not easy

For many this is who we are, identities, homes relationships, employment have been built upon these structures

But do they reflect the true self.

Only we can answer that with authenticity, when we are ready to journey the unknown

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, freeing the stuck King of Wands and faith card from the box, my eyes were drawn to scan the books on the shelf before me.

The words “medium” “king” and “child” obvious in my inner sight as I chose the unknown image that had lept into my hands from behind the Two of Cups

Tuning in without looking I heard my own inner child “1.2.3 this isn’t for me” reciting incantations from am early age with deep joy, and connection.

Closing my eyes, asking Spirit for a message I saw the front of a ship and recieved ” its time to move on”

The card was the Seven of Pentacles

Growth doesn’t come from staying the same

Something changes to measure what was, against what now is

With gratitude and love may we see these shifts, however they occur, for what they are, a chance to recognise our own deeper loyal gifts.

Here may we finally recognise we have always had this power within us, since birth, click whatever is needed together, into place, and return home to who we always were.

May the cycles be complete for those who wish them to be.

In deepest munay



What is home to you?


May be an image of text

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