Daily guidance

“Defence requires three things: Courage, energy and intelligence”

Don Meyer

For me there is another vital component

Which, depending on its level of balance and authenticity can determine the very presence of defence


Without it how can we believe in what we fight for

With it, do we even need to.

This morning I began to journal, of all my current physical struggles, health, home, finances, work.

It felt off, I’m always one for being in the truth of the moment but today my approach felt destructive

To my own faith, in myself.

Instead, feeling peace with my journey, knowing I am a work in progress I decided to look at my own focus and how it affected well…my focus!

The emphasis of the Eight of Pentacles I am currently travelling with!

To concentrate on the process ocuuring internally.

My own cycle clearing

My structural support system needing strengthening

My own mouth sore from “grinding, gritting and bearing” my own teeth

I know I have a great way of making the most of a situation, an inner inherent strength and belief, this morning was no different.

Whilst this is valuable, today I found myself wondering if this was making my life harder.

Had my own faith blinded me into acceptance of a reality that wasn’t mine.

Asking for clarity, what as a collective we may need to work on, I shuffled The Tarot

Selecting randomly, twice, from behind the Seven of Wands, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

In prayer position, hearing the song “you make my dreams come true” I saw the Ace of Swords in my minds eye

Going into my pain body, I recieved very clearly from my higher self ” you are twisted inside about what you want, why would what you and I want be any different”

The card was Faith

Today connect to you our own higher wisdom

Use your body as the door way

Listen to the prayers now needed

May we all connect to the practical, tolerant, flexible spirituality within us, now required to bring the change we are being asked and have agreed to deliver.

In deepest munay



What are you defending and why?


May be an image of 2 people and text

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