Daily guidance

“The Two most powerful warriors are patience and time”

Leo Tolstoy

I would love to say April Fool!

But it’s no joke

No matter how we yearn for things, how committed we are, the ultimate war within us can only ever be won by these two energetic Archetypes

Trying to rush this within any Sacred creation, be it relationships, money, our health is the only real conflict

To Divine flow

Coming from a place of separation

To ourselves and ability

To each other and their journey

To Source and our own birthright connection

Today has been powerful

The New Moon has knocked me in necessary ways leading up to Easter

Many aspects are pleading to be healed

Through compassion and acceptance

Of my own Sacred Masculine

My light

Something it seems I recieve the full potential of through aiding others

Yes I am journeying with the Six of Pentacles!

This martyrdom is asking to be sacrificed, willingly, individually and collectively

Chronic, the wounder healer within us all

Not by giving less

But opening to more of who we are

On a day I celebrate three years of my own Sacred union to my husband I am being drawn towards the need to commit to myself

Not through fixing



But in silent prayer and presence of this moment

Shuffling the Tarot, ironically selecting from behind the lovers I tuned I to this Sacred space and the unknown image in my hands

At peace

In resolute connection to Source

I heard the phrase “Time waits for no man”

To which my deeper wisdom replied ” yet God has patience for all”

The card was The Devil, portraying the once imprisoned Fool, as free as they choose to be, in the presence of this love.

Today know that all not of love is the only real trick that continues to ensure we run around like clowns.

For all, YOURSELF included

May we connect to the true joy and wisdom of this Heyoka archetype, the union, innocence and freedom of being the infinite light we are.

In deepest munay



What are you waiting for?


May be an image of 1 person and text

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