Daily guidance

” Three things can not be long hidden: The Sun, The Moon and the truth”


Yesterday’s college session was profound

The power that comes when vulnerable insights of who we are become visible is an incredible gift, for all involved.

One I get to witness often

I am honoured, but have also earnt this.

By being open to myself

It is this action that sparks the reflection in others and ultimately frees my Soul

It hasn’t always been the case

Requiring acceptance and Ayni, free flow of sharing, not externally as we so often collectively become obsessed with.

But with ourselves.

Right relations with our own Soul

It is only here we are blessed to observe, through the realisation of the hidden self and reflected blind self, our unknown potential.

Over the last few days my own appears to be highlighting fire, my ability to transmute energy and change and an old yet restrained connection…to The Seraphim

I’ve always felt an aversion to the Angelic realm

Despite working and training in this vibration from reading to healing.

Due to their portrayal as unreachable, higher beings outside of us.

Yet I have often fought the truth delivered that we all hold this blueprint within.

Because it raises my shadow side

My light, beauty, and Souls ability to love with fire and passion and skills in holding space for this remembering in all beings.

My connection to Source, often overwhelming my heart from a forgetful place of separation

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, placing back the Devil and Page of Pentacles into the pack, I wondered what this awareness would bring to my own physical body this upcoming New Moon.

If I truly recognised my own light, how this would affect any creations.

Selecting randomly ironically from behind The Knight of Cups, I tuned I to the unknown image in my hands

Surrounded by blue/platinum light I ask for a message and recieved “don’t rush the message, what do you see”

Visualising a temple, a pyramid in Egypt I walked through the entrance.

Arriving in the centre, receiving a large download from The Sun through a hole in the ceiling I heard “open to the light you are”

The card was the Seven of Pentacles, beneath which sat The Sun

Today know the more open you are the more you will recieve from your Soul, it is and always has been that simple.

That this flow first starts in your own heart and then reaches this truth within others, that their reaction is their journey.

May we all have the self esteem and integration being offered right now, in our own attitudes and actions, to become the motivating force of the You-in-verse we always were.

In deepest munay



What truths are you opening up to?


May be an image of 1 person and text that says "XIX. SUN COINS VII CUPS KNIGHT of"

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