Daily guidance

“The most powerful weapon on Earth is the human Soul on fire”

Ferdinand Foch

What is the Soul

We know it is our potential or blueprint

That we can become splintered from it

That some aspects need retrieving or healing

That we create and connect to and from this space

But do we know what the Soul actually is

What it feels like

It’s something I am honoured to see as a Midwife.

Many remembering who they are as they reconnect to their Soul

Through a place of deep acceptance and love

Whether it is healing, reading, childbirth, death or everyday conversation I am privileged to witness the subsequent deliveries that occur as a result.

Including my own

This morning, journeying with the Four of Pentacles, reflecting on recent news regarding degeneration of my bones and a mouth infection I tapped into the needed dismay.

Guided by my Soul

Followed by anger

Another emotional rung on the ladder towards inner-lightenment, rather than hold it in physically

What commenced was a deep connection to my own Soul

Through cleaning

An often perceived mundane task, yet ritualistic tool for myself, my mind immersed, body moving to music allowed my Soul to speak.

Through an unlikely vision

Me at the gym….boxing!

Normally my mind would suggest the million reasons this was impossible as my body painfully confirmed this reality.

Today my Soul spoke up, answering the question of how with my emotional intelligence, through a fierce frequency within me I recognised.

A spiritual strength which led me later walking through woods I had feared, alone, and returning to the arrival of two new decks.

Shuffling both, connecting dreams to the Divine legacy I wanted to see what the difference in insights would be.

Selecting first from behind the Queen of Pentacles as I was reminded it is all how we as creators perceive our own connection, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Hearing “let go and enjoy the ride” I turned over The Fool.

Repeating the process with the other pack, I knew immediately to connect to the Divine wisdom, I needed to raise my vibration to meet it, as I ironically randomly selected from behind the Five of Cups.

Tuning into the unknown card, hearing the song I see fire, I placed the image on my chest as guided and recieved “bring this energy home to you now”

The card was the Eight of Wands, underneath which, bridging all messages, was the Six of Cups

Today as we lead up to the new Moon, on April Fools day no less, stand in your authentic vibration.

With no judgement

The inner Wild, salka.

Your underestimated self

Your Soul knows what you need, it’s already happened

This week as mentioned in the energy report, it is our choice whether we choose to consciously conceive our own potential now.

May we all release any aspects that hold us back from experiencing who we truly are, a child of the creator, with the joy, love and passion we all deserve to remember.

In deepest munay



What Soul aspects are you ready to retrieve?


May be an image of 1 person and text

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