Daily guidance

” Be careful what you ask for, because when you pray for rain you have to deal with the mud as well”

Denzel Washington

I have great respect for this Masculine archetype

Which increased last night after the whole hastag oscar slap drama

For those that haven’t seen it, Will Smith lashed out at Chris Rock in defence of his wife.

The guidance and support Denzel provided Will was incredible suggesting at our highest moments we are prone to be affected by The Devil.

Balanced from his own journey but respectful this was Wills path, this advice highlighted the bigger perspective of any light bringer, the truth of just how truthful we are!

The only place of true happiness is in our own authenticity

Now I’m not one for gossip, especially in relation to celebrities, my mum would often say its like children, “give them a minute and they will be playing together again”

But, something about it all, hit home.

To my core.

I admire Will greatly, have since a child, there are many reasons and views as to what happened and why.

To be honest I’m not interested in any of them

All I have a right to comment on is my own behaviour

I was shocked, but empathic

I could relate, in my own repressed Masculine the result of “smiling” through attacks over the last few weeks, some by those dear to me.

The frustrated anger and rage of wanting to protect those you love at all costs but also taking on their feeling and being asked to react for them.

The inability to lighten up under the perceived greatness of this love.

In short the impact of misunderstood empathy

As a result I have become mindful who holds space for me now, and how I do so for others, from where

This morning I could feel this affecting my own meditation and prayers

I felt resistance asking for help, ironic as I am journeying with the Three of Pentacles!

The right side of my jaw tense from toothache, I felt my own Masculine having to “grit its teeth”

In this space of awareness I was able to open up and recieve the healing needed as I shuffled The Tarot.

Selecting from behind the Ten of Cups, tuning into the unknown image in my hands, everything became a little trippy

Hearing songs from the beatles asking for help through to suggestions I put my records on and let my hair down, the energy was intense

Visualising an owl wearing a graduation hat, my right jaw glowing as a barometer for energies within my aura I asked for a message

Again hearing the lyrics “just go ahead let your hair down” my confused mind felt as though blood had rushed to it

Heart heavy yet grounded I turned over The Hanged Man

Today see all angles of yourself

Only with this awareness can you remember the why behind any prayers you may have uttered and how aligned you are Truly within them

It’s down to us to recognise our own worth, and ask/give support from this vibration

May we all realise it is our perception of others and how we react that truly shows us where we are at, with gratitude, not judgement.

From here may the Sacred Masculine/christ consciousness be born through our actions, with ease and grace.

In munay



What are you praying for?


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