Weekly energy report

The emphasis is on balance in this weeks video ( see below)

With one underlying question… How ready are we to truly upgrade and what does this mean for us individually and collectively.

We are currently in a time of recovery, an opportunity to reassess and realign our higher heart. Altar ,major and Sacral so we are able to recover from where we have been creating once and for all.

The energy is outdated in regard to self-worth, and prescence within this is now required to hold space for the physical changes occurring.

We are being asked to put boundaries in place- WITH OURSELVES and act as the parents we are!

Life is change, evolution, all of which is sacred and deserves the ceremony of prescence as do we as carriers of these needed shifts.

Is our current journey supporting our growth and recognising what we are doing or based on clinging to the past way of acting including around what we thought we wanted?

Evolution takes time and acknowledgement; we are being gifted that this week in many guises to recognise what is no longer relevant by taking stock and seeing things for what they really are.

This is a choice we all can make but only through the grounding into our body and THIS lifetime- both are essential if we are to reach completion and fulfilment of every lesson discovered.

Self-worth will be reflected back this week to rediscover our “why” and just how much we believe in our vision, what may need to change to achieve it, including the vision itself!

Are we evolving

Are we upgrading Are we constantly fixing from a place of non-acceptance

What blueprint changes truly need to occur

This week trust in our emotions is key regardless of the stage of creation be it receptivity, nurture, action here we can embody all aspects and… have fun actually living life rather than needing to have it all understood and figured out from  fear.

There is a difference between acceptance and loss of control, the intuitive knowing of our own core strength and ability, THE ACTUAL HIGHER SELF UPGRADE OCCURING THIS WEEK!

Physical maturity of where we are leads to peace of the lessons learnt, upgrades received and only here can recovery occur.

This week we are being asked to look at what is actually our journey towards how we connect to ourselves as a physical manifestation of source, or in short just how well we connect to the Divine full stop.

Until next time

In munay



Sprays mentioned are from http://www.amandaellis.com

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