Daily guidance

“Balance is not something you find it’s something you create”

Jana Kingsford

Today I journey with the Two of Pentacles

I’ve felt it in the messages of support and rest given to others

Seen it in the sunrise fill the moonlit sky

Heard it through multiple duo sightings of birds singing

But it actually took a dear friend to show me what was physically missing in my actions

Through photos of her home.

Flowing with old and new colours and designs, her creative stamp spoke volumes.

Shaking my own to its core

For sometime I have struggled to flow these energies together, to entwine them in all I do.

On reflection this morning, realising I had actually achieved all I had set out to manifest in regard to my own physical balance, I could feel this next step building.

The move needed

Not quite here yet but coming

The knowing of what I now wanted to create

It’s changed, along with myself.

It took a reflection of my environment to see this

To recognise my own stamp

Shuffling the Tarot, randomly ironically selecting from behind the Page of Cups I tuned into the unknown image in my hands, noticing the corner was turned.

Visualising a new deck, a combination of old Archetypes within a more elegant setting, I knew the very cards calling me.

Watching as a guide carrying a wooden flamed torch walked me through a cave into the Ten of cups I asked for a message.

Hearing “you already recieved it when you picked up the card, you are about to turn a corner” the image was the Eight of Wands

Today look at what is being reflected back to you

Take stock of where you have been and are now going

Has anything shifted

Are you trying to manifest what you already have or no longer desire

May we all align to the awe and wonder of our own creative Spirit and allow this light to guide us forward.

In deepest munay



Where can you regain balance in your life?


May be an image of book

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