Daily guidance

” The moment you accept what troubles you have been given the door will open”


I’m journeying with the Ten of Wands Today

In truth I can’t see it

Within or around me

The perception of it at least

Burn out


The heavy load

I see the opposite

People letting go

Whether it be their physical life, going on holiday, rest from illness or fears that once were and embracement of who and where they are.

It’s a glorious sight

Far lighter than the assumption of the Ten of Wands that ironically alters the perception, making it an almost self fulfilling prophecy.

For me this seems to be the underlying spiritual insight of the energy today.

How we truly open to flow, alignment with our energetic self.

Rather than have it forced upon us.

Reflecting this morning, I recalled the first lock down, around this time and the deeper discovery of so many hidden gifts, healing and connections for all in a frustrating limbo.

The ultimate lesson of the Ten of Wands

An opportunity to return to the Ace, a new beginning.

For me this will occur tomorrow as I continue my journey, this time with the Pentacles

Using today to look at what I truly want to take forward, consciously conceiving prior yo any physical action, I have handed my plans back now to Great Spirit

I will await a response, trusting this flow of communication, no matter how long, for I know the worth of what is being created.

Shuffling the Tarot, in this heightened connection, I felt several ideas come in.

Quick fix solutions from the past as I ironically randomly selected from behind the Seven of Cups

Knowing to pause, to wait for a genuine intuitive response, having this confirmed by the slipping out of the Four of Swords, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands

Visualising half a door, floating, I recieved”its not ready to be opened yet, wait until you are given the right key”

The card was the King of Cups

Today take a moment to reflect where you are


To be open to what you now need to move forward

May we all remember the natural cycles available only in the void of true potential, here may we all consciously create with a deeper universal awareness of Divine flow.

In munay



Are you open to flow, really?


May be an image of flower and outdoors

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