Daily guidance

“The decisions you make to come out of any tough situation gives a route to your destiny”

Rahul Desai

What did you dream of doing as a child

What activity can you become so immersed in you loose track of all time

What brings you satisfaction and fulfilment

What are you naturally good at

You know its never too late to seek your Divine purpose.

It’s an ongoing process most of us are performing daily without recognition

Today I am in limbo

Journeying with the Nine of Wands so much has come to light regarding my own Spirit, my destiny, how I have reacted to and with this throughout my life.

I have worked with the shadow, gained great inner sight and am now at a pivotal moment.

How, if, where or when I move forward.

I have nearly completed level two in counselling, I’m undecided whether to take this further.

I need to find my why

At least I believed I did until today

What required recognition was where my actions were coming from.

Alignment of my head and heart

Did I want to be a counsellor.

Was it from my own rescuer role, my own trauma and unmet needs, or to aid others.

Is there any difference


How we feel about what we can and in reality do offer

My own being the ability to see, feel, observe all angles and reflect this back, knowing what is my story and standing in my own authenticity to ensure I can truly embody non judgemental empathy.

A work in progress of self awareness

Something I love

Do naturally

Always have

Witnessing a deeper, Divine essence in situations, people, animals.

An unconditional love from Pachamamaand Great Spirit, available to us all, by being who we are.


Feeling this, shuffling the Tarot this morning, amongst noisy builders, cars, phone messages, I found myself first going within.

Stabilising my core.

Pausing, holding space for myself.

Only then did I tune into the card in my hand, unknown, selected ironically randomly from behind the counselor!

Now able to reflect back my environment, the bees buzzing, my curious cat, my guarding dog, birds singing, sun shining my own Shamanic sight expanded, here I needed no other gift or message.

The image was the Four of Pentacles, underneath which sat The Destiny card.

Today pause, reflect and truly listen with all your senses.

First to yourself, then to the conversation you share in doing so with the Universe.

May we all open our inner sight to the path available knowing in reality we are and always have been walking our purpose.

In munay



Are you ready to deliver your own destiny?


May be an image of text

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