Daily guidance

“The right thing to do is to let the dust settle”

Ari Fleischer

Today has been profound

Moving onto the Eight of Wands last night I can feel the end in sight

The impact has been swift in its realisation

Offering potential completion of major aspects upon my own healing journey, regarding trauma and my own reactions

The shadow aspect of my ability to track

Using my own body to allow others to feel better

It’s been transformative

Now while I wait for this new awareness to become embodied within me I am being guided to observe, hold space for my own and subsequently external process

Shuffling the Tarot, looking outside at the trees, swaying in the wind, solid in their root, this morning I randomly selected from behind The Hanged Man.

Tuning into the unknown card I immediately recieved ” clear the air by stepping back now, allow the dust to settle”

The card was the Ten of Wands

Today observe, yourself and others.

From now until Easter the saviour martyr archetype holds the potential to be reborn

Through us and our own actions

May we all reconnect to the true Universal Christ Consciousness within

In munay



Are you ready to discover what your own in-lighten-meant


May be an image of text that says "XII TEN TEN THE HANGED MAN WANDS"

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