Weekly energy reading

From now until Easter it is time to look in the mirror, to examine how we individually vibrate and clear away any judgement we have.

Especially with our own emotions.

This weeks video ( see below) asks are we in right relation with ourselves

There is a large potential of intellectual Atlantean upgrades possible but only if we are willing to surrender to the necessary “in-to-me-I-see” required.

We must recognise our own emotional intelligence, where we may be bypassing this, and the role it plays within Sacred Union.

By accepting who we are, this is the only way to receive Divine Self worth in all that is being reflected through our actions.

Shadow work includes more than gratitude, it demands alignment with our own internal conflict regarding our vibration, embracement of all aspects of the self even the parts we may not like!

Can we open to our own truth

Receive the answers we are searching for from others within ourselves

Become in right relation with our manifestations

Are we repressing our own Divine Feminine

How is this affecting our ability to take in our Sacred Masculine

This week we are being asked to recognise the difference between detachment and observation by releasing any mental addictions we may have to being perfect, accepted, belonging or fitting in.

By addressing our own desires for their Sacred potential we can grow and evolve into the power of our emotions and the gift they bring to our physical, emotional, spiritual and intellectual wellbeing.

We are remembering this Divine intelligence and will feel anything that suggests we ignore it!

The energy this week is ready to move on, through us, with the recognition it is our own vibration that will aid this within the wisdom of our body- the consort of the Soul.

We could face a potentially uncomfortable week if we lack the courage to master our own elemental energy, we must complete the shadow work we have all started by fully embracing who we are.

There is a huge ecstatic cleansing of our hearts and sacral this week, but first we must acknowledge:

Does the light still burn for the things we have yearned for

Is the passion still there

How do we actually feel about the things we are trying to create

Is what we want worth waiting for

Can we surrender to our own Universal Christ within by acknowledging we are the relationship we have been longing for all along.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to really see your potential?

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