Daily guidance

Don’t drink at the waters edge, throw yourself in, become the water. Only then will your thirst be quenched”

Jeanette Berson

He’s here!

My nephew!

Decades of longing, heartbreak and belief.

Adam has been born.

Sharing my brother and mother’s name (Yves)

A full embodiment not only of the Masculine and Feminine namesake but delivered on St Joseph’s day.

An archetype that ensured safe passage and delivery of a new “son” a new light.

The Divine protector and Saint or workers.

Currently journeying with the Three of Wands I can resonate deeply with these subtle messages.

My own timeline healing yesterday in “The garden of life” Transforming all the areas I had held the light for.




Determination to move forward with gratitude and peace.

Shuffling the Tarot this morning, overwhelmed by the urge to get outside, away from the mind, to gain inner-sight from Pachamama,I ironically randomly selected from behind the Eight of Swords

Tunining into the unknown card in my hands, feeling suddenly dry I recieved “what do you thirst for, surround yourself with that”

The card was the Five of Swords.

Today whatever you yearn for, become.

Walk your talk

May we all deliver a balanced front of our emotions and actions and remember this Sacred union in all we conceive, to finally hold our dreams in our arms.

In deepest munay




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