Daily guidance

“Being in your element is not only about aptitude, it’s about passion: it’s about loving what you do, tapping into your natural energy, your authentic self”

Ken Robinson

I felt the energy shift last night

Sure the glorious sunshine has helped

Moving onto the Ace of Wands, fire, my element, definitely aided the change.

But it was seeing my own light yesterday through the eyes of those who couldn’t, a necessary painful “gift” that moved me.

Back into to my authenticity.

I hadn’t realised I had strayed

Actually that isn’t true, I had been clinging to the desperate need to fit in, I knew this in the darkness I felt.

I hadn’t noticed why.

I couldn’t see my own light.

This morning, shifting energetically, I have cleared, cleansed,and prepared my home and garden, walked my dog and finished my college work.

With time to spare.

As the spark of creation I am!

Shuffling the Tarot, knowing it is never to late to see our own light, eyes drawn to a whistl letter whilst the birds sang, I heard the tune whistle while you work, and recieved “The key is to enjoy what you do” as I selected from behind the Four of Pentacles

Tuning into the unknown card, feeling a deep lightening and release I heard ” let go of all that is not this”

The card was the Ten of Cups, behind which sat The Star.

Today open to the difference your light makes

Decide whether to snuff it out or hold it within you, glowing for all to see

May we accept the choice is and always has been ours as part of a far bigger vision than our insecurities, and release them with ease and grace.

In deepest munay




May be an image of text that says "XVII PENTACLES CUPS THE STAR"

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