Daily guidance

“No matter the feelings. You can transform the energy of your emotion into your power”

Matthew Donnelly

I have a very dark day planned today

Not how I expected my journey with the Nine of cups to be

Yet behind it is love, support, empowerment, friendship and recognition of injustice, great pain, trauma and a chance to do something to change the World we live in.

But it’s still a very dark day

Opening space, ensuring I am able to witness by doing my own or prayers and healing, I shuffled The Tarot.

Wondering how light can be incorporated in such a scenario I randomly ironically selected from behind The Devil card.

Tuning into the unknown image, hearing the song “say you’ll be there” by Micheal Jackson, I felt the energy of last weeks message as my heart ripped open.

Surrounded by singing Angels, hearing “Remember hear us in all you see and do” I visualised a large white water dragon, a familiar of Quan Yins.

Asking for a message I recieved a download of energy ias the dragon swam nto my raw chest and the words ” let your emotions transform the situation” as I felt light flow from my being.

The card was The King of Cups, underneath which sat The Ten of Cups

Today hold space for what occurs

Witness and be present

Feel into this powerful skill

For the needed light it brings

May we all realise that in allowing our emotions to flow, no matter how expanding, healing occurs for all involved and take this in-powerment to the next level now.

In deepest munay



Ready to free your power?


May be an image of text that says "KING THE DEVIL CUPS TEN CUPS"

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