Weekly energy reading

Are we ready to let the light in leading up to the Spring Equinox or will the desire for perfection and the upcoming Virgo full moon destroy any potential available.

In this weeks energy reading ( see below) we are being asked to remember what light is.

How it provides growth, sustenance, joy, abundance and how well we are truly connected to this Spiritual source of all life.

How well do we share this, from what space is it in all we do or does it stem from the darkness and abusive power of our own unresolved pain and trauma that comes from separation, guilt, shame and judgement of the light we are.

An expansive week of downloads available from the necessary shadow work needed.

This DOES NOT MEAN to rid ourselves of the darkness but have peace with all aspects of it within our own light.

Shadow work is essential to Soul retrieval, the embracing and uniting of our own Souls with forgiveness and compassion.

Can we truly be seen primarily by ourselves and listen to the much-needed communication of our inner “wild” emotional intuitive maturity.

All is choice in regard to our actions.

Can we hold space for the sacred Masculine within the void of raw vulnerable discomfort before re-acting.

Are we really willing to heal and shed the stories of the past or will we continue to replace the energy with the same unevolved, restricted, egoic labels and identities.

Can we go beyond what we see psychically and develop our abilities to become the seers of a new vision.

It is only then we are individually and collectively able to move forward.

The essence this week is in:

Perception- recognising we can only see from where we are at and holding space for this necessary process of growth

Trust in our own emotional intelligence

Strength and courage to evolve

Standing in our own truth and journey without projection

Embracing the small steps and moments of life for the joy, insight and healing they can bring

Be-coming the very lessons we have learnt along the way

Compassion, forgiveness, acceptance and love.

2022 was always about choice, judgement, a new way of in-visioning the World we carry inside and the recognition that if we wish to see a change, we must first allow it to be seen within and around us through the eyes of the eternal Feminine mother-Pachamama.

Until next time

In munay



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