Daily guidance

” The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones”

Chinese proverb

I didn’t post yesterday

It was all a bit much

Journeying with the six of cups revealed hidden Trauma in regards to my own drama triangle which required space

A chance to observe the illusions of my own shadow and its role in the movement of my own dreams, healing, finances, connections

My own egoic ideas of how I wanted things to be

In ceremony I allowed the flow of my own emotions to take me from the six to the seven of cups I am currently on.

This resulted in stark but necessary truths

Different, realistic routes to obtain my vision.

Something that had become so large it was insurmountable

Needed breaking down from the here and now

This morning although slightly saddened with these realities I feel relief at their practicality

My goals are now SMART





Time based

Shuffling the Tarot as always, aware of confident steps, albeit small, forwards, I ironically randomly selected from behind the Two of Wands.

Eyes drawn to a book, good vibes good life, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands, and visualised a large mountain

Opening my heart as guided, the mountain began to melt, down the middle, birthing a view I hadn’t seen.

Water now flowing towards me, clear, crisp, refreshing I asked for a message and recieved “let it come to you now in its own way”

The card was the Ten of Wands

We can often be blinded by the sheer size of our own potential and dreams for this World.

Today pause, bring it all back into focus

Where are you at now

What steps can you put in place to get where you wish to be

May we all realise what we hold in our hands, the very actions we do, no matter how small are all part of the bigger plan and never forget their importance.

It is here we witness our true spiritual worth through thier application to everyday life

In deepest munay




May be an image of text that says "TWO TEN WANDS WANDS"

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