Daily guidance

“Now that things and time have changed. Something make me realize what it takes”

Black Uhuru

I miss my mum today

No surprise I miss her everyday

Today feels more somehow, deeper to my core.

To be expected in some ways.

I’m journeying with the Five of Cups

Tomorrow, a year ago we physically said our goodbyes.

By celebrating her life.

But there is something else occuring.

Almost a deep mourning collectively for what was.

The Earth mother that is no more.

The changes that have occurred yet go unclaimed and unnoticed.

I have no plans today, somehow gaining a day, as such I have been in Sacred space with this awareness.



The loss that has occurred for so many alongside the obvious growth

Myself included

In a ceremony of Stillness, without fixing, forcing, rushing or distracting I have prayed.

From a place of where we are at collectively.

Following this with guidance, this morning as always I shuffled The Tarot.

Selecting from behind the Eight of Pentacles, the Three of Cups and Wheel of Fortune falling out, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Visualising blue plates, spinning, myself sat at a dinning table observing them, I heard an old song.

“Guess whos coming to dinner, natty dreadlocks” by Black Uhuru.

The energy waiting in front of me to be accepted within felt like The Devil card.

With apprehension as guided I opened my heart to recieve the vibration of the card, as I heard “its time to welcome this energy back in now”

The image was the Queen of Wands, my own Astrological Archetype, underneath which sat The World.

Today feel into any work you are part of, how fulfilling is it now.

Be it on yourself, paid or otherwise.

What changes can you celebrate through the loss of what was or can be no more.

They are there, beneath it all, waiting to bring light to any areas of acceptance now needed.

May we all reconnect to everything we have been served in this life for the growth of our own sovereignty it has gifted.

Re-turning naked and ulnerable in our hungry hearts, from a past that no longer feeds Pachamama.

In munay




May be an image of text

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