Daily guidance

“Be the light you wish to see in the World”

Jeff Masters

Today I woke to everything feeling different

A coming together somehow, a gift, of myself.

Having slept with the Four of cups beneath my pillow alongside my moqui marbles as guided, I dreampt of many people.

Individuals that had been guided to work with me, by Spirit, in collaborations needed, that had for their own reasons chosen not to acknowledge this.

Aware, finally, of energy, connections, to these potentials held within me being released I woke at peace.

The space now available in my womb, heart and third eye gifting me vitality and warmth as I recieved “you are also a cup offered to many, whether they see this is not a reflection of where you are at”

In Sacred space much came through regarding opinions, judgements and our own individual responsibility for sharing these.

The free will we have to see the Divine.

In each person


Subsequently ourselves

For the vessel of source they/we are.

To raise our vibration towards Unconditional love, we are able then to do so for our own Trauma, the separation of this knowing within

Shuffling the Tarot, aware of the healing available from this collectively, ironically randomly selecting from behind the Five of Pentacles, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Visualising a radio hearing “adjust your frequency constantly as needed” I heard Angels singing.

Receiving “make sure you hear us in all you see, feel and do” I asked for a message and heard “you are your own message”

The card was The Hermit

Today be aware of your energy through the reflection of the World around you

Hold space with grattitude for the pain this may bring upon our own path.

May we all acknowledge life for the gift it brings, the constant adjustment and reconnection to our own higher wisdom and healing available. Let this be the light we guide others home with.

In deepest munay




May be an image of text that says "FIVE IX 5 PENTACLES THE HERMIT"

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