Daily guidance

“Everything you need you already have”

Wayne Oates

Don’t shoot the messenger.

It riles me also!

But that doesn’t make it untrue.

I’ve only just realised today’s date not only contains all the threes but adds up to nine or three times itself!



This has brought me much greater clarity whilst journeying with the Three of cups.

I’ve been aware of births, new flowers budding, that have occurred

The need to prepare feeds for those coming

But also the endings necessary.

My own cycle

The Individual and collective approach to aspects we no longer wish or need to celebrate

Overall a large change in how we come together on a deeper level not only with each other but ourselves.

I have felt an inner anger all day which has been reflected by many, in regard to this and in my own ceremony I am aware of ancestral DNA shifting for many.

As we lead up to the Virgo full moon, Mothers day and Easter it appears we are being asked to rebirth how we create.

The sacrifices, Trauma and chaos

Transforming this will be different for us all

But equally an opportunity to look at the union within, to Pachamama and Great Spirit

In short our own light will be under the spotlight along with where we have focused it!

Shuffling the Tarot in relation to this, this morning I found myself in the centre, in limbo, witnessing and flowing unattached.

Moving with an understanding of my own emotions as I randomly ironically selected from behind the King of Cups.

Hearing the “good life” theme tune I recieved “how can you become self sufficient” as I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

The song “hope joanna” playing in my mind I found myself in my heartspace, the sun shining on my face.

Visualising the Ace of cups I recieved “what you need is who you are”

The card was The Sun

Today feel into what you are trying to create

Allow the energy in motion to alter your vibration to the necessary frequency

May we all flow ever closer to who we have always been, knowing in truth this is all we have ever needed or been asked to do.

In deepest munay




May be an image of text

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