Daily guidance

“The usefulness of the cup is it’s emptiness”

Bruce Lee

I had a lie in this morning.

In the arms of my husband

So appropriate as I travel with the Two of cups today

At least that’s what I thought

A perfect reflection of the image on the card

Yet I didn’t feel it

Frustrated I hadn’t woke and filled my own cup first with meditation and Connection

I had met the day with where I was at

Frustrated with not only my current situation but the World at large

Going into Sacred space, with the aim to shift this, I prayed.




Cried and eventually did the one thing many of us holding space for whatever we are asked forget, I prayed for myself.

For the help so desperately needed right now to continue doing what I do.

Knowing receiving can only occur if there is space

With great humility I “let it all out”

Past any judgement of my emotions, deeply connecting to myself and source.

Following this with a shuffle of the Tarot, ironically selecting from behind the Two of Pentacles and four of Wands, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Hearing the song “country toads” and “the long and winding road” I saw a lion statue in front of me, lit up.

Asking for a message I recieved “be patient, be calm, know it is OK to meet us where you’re at”

The card was The Hermit

Today feel into your situation

Change comes from truth

Hold space for yourself

May we all release any judgement of who we are in each moment through the balance that can only come from celebrating the light within our own “darkness”

For only when we recognise this as the path of returning home to our whole selves with Unconditional love and acceptance can we reflect this union with others.

In deepest munay




May be an image of 1 person and text that says "TWO FOUR PENTACLES WANDS IX 78 THE HERMIT"

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