Weekly guidance

In this week’s energy video (see below) discernment and responsibility are two key aspects to moving forward this week.

Can we allow any emotional patterns to occur for the teachings they are and facilitate us to step up with deeper intuitive wisdom.

We are being asked to strip back anything that no longer resonates.

There is a large potential of Soul deliverance through our own physical vessel this week.

If we can let excitement and heart healing change or aid the vibration of vulnerability, we become more open to receive our inner truth.

Divine timing comes under the spotlight for those able to recognise their own magical ability to create and all they have discovered about themselves.

We are gifted an opportunity to turn grief into joy ( 396 hz is the frequency we are guided to attune to for this) to remove basic obstacles and realise the goals we are trying to receive.

Can we keep the heart open

Hold sacred space for the potential available from this

Peace resides in the acceptance of who we are and the empowerment this brings to others.

If we can stop separating ourselves by coming back to the open heart, we experience the “Rose in the fire”

There is a deep internal knowing available beyond guidance, insight or external reflection for those willing to look beyond the veil of illusion, their own included, by:

Staying clear in the heart

Drinking plenty of water

Clearing emotional centres

Loving the inner child

Owning our “shit” with pride

Knowing only then can we become the beauty way

Everything is in our control if we can witness this as an uncomfortable trigger.

We always have an opportunity to create from what we are given.

We have the choice to manifest in every moment.

This is the magical cyclic discovery of who we truly are.

By observing any weakness we may have in these areas we can question:

How aligned we are to our higher wisdom

How well we contemplate and hold space without “knee jerk” reactions

Our ability to move forward from a place of peace, guided by the divine spark we are.

How well in short, we are intuitively evolving.

Until next time

In deepest munay



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