Daily guidance

“Life is a combination of magic and pasta”

Frederico Fellini

I’m journeying alone today.

As guided I have moved on to the suit of cups.

Spilling tea everywhere and receiving the Ace of cups as my guiding archetype following a game changer session yesterday

I’m doing what I always knew.

To follow any insight with embodied inner tuition

Essential to continue a spiritual path in a grounded manner.

To ignore these combined signs would not only reduce my awareness but potential

Not in regards to the outcome but the creative process and how involved I feel within it

It isn’t easy

I myself have been offered a situation that could be the answer to my dreams for so very long.

But there are practical matters such as finances and previous emotional patterns to look at.

If these aren’t acknowledged with realism the same outcome will occur.

The irony…by saying yes there is a chance to heal this or open the wound further.

The difference…

My intuition despite it all my instinct suggests patience right at the point of being the closest I ever have!

Going beyond Signs or synchronicities I have to go with what I feel.

Not the if’s, how’s, want’s but the love I hold for the dream I have been gifted.

To hold it, as the Universe holds me, as a vessel of this process, knowing in this I never truly journey alone.

That all will be delivered when ready

Shuffling the Tarot this morning in Sacred space I found myself wondering where to photograph the Ace of cups.

I literally had nowhere nice to put it.

Thinking of all the ideas and gifts I have to offer and relative lack if space I randomly selected from behind the Ten of Wands.

Tuning unto the unknown card hearing “are you ready to move on from this” I saw a pasta machine continually making pasta!

Asking for a nessage I recieved “are you ready to make your own”

The card was the Knight of Pentacles

Symbolic of union, tradition, distant homelands and inherited culture pasta provides energy when needed the most.

Today may this be so for us all through the creation of our own magic

In deepest munay




May be an image of text that says "TEN KNICHT WANDS PENTACLES"

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