Daily guidance

“Water has memory. Depending on how you treat it, what kind of thoughts and emotions you generate, accordingly it behaves in your body”

Jaggi Vasudev

Wonderful, confusing, rollercoaster day!

So much potential and let downs demanding I stay focused on the emotion behind it all.

Having had a wonderful lie in, sleeping with the ten of Swords beneath my pillow, I couldn’t help this morning but notice the similarity of colours on the card to the Ukrainian flag.

Blue Water

Yellow sun

Flow of joy, hope, communication and the willpower that is currently required for us all.

To end the war

Within and subsequently externally

Faced with a day of knowing enough is enough I have held space for many uncomfortable in this vibration.

It’s what I do

Aid with transition towards the new way of thinking now needed as mentioned in this week’s video

There is no point trying to achieve something with the same behaviour and patterns, expecting different results.

This self sabotage is slowly ending

I can feel it in regard to where I live, work and teach

Trying to compromise, believe the views of others.

The truth is I have nearly given up my vision, who I am.

Today more aware, I have surrendered my old ways, coming from not believing in myself and ability to create, even the ones disguised as new beginnings to Spirit.

Aware of the acutely thin difference between egoic and divine guidance, returning full circle from the ten of Swords embodying the lesson it is time to move onto Water.


The cups

My emotions

The bridge of where I am and want to be

Shuffling the Tarot, tuning deeply into my body, randomly selecting from behind the Queen of Pentacles, I sensed the unknown image in my hands.

Visualising my ears expanding, ringing loudly I saw a childhood story.

The BFG a dream catching giant, as I heard “we’re listening, hear that now, we are with you, speak up”

Imagining myself sat with a horse, the sun shining, allowing my inner child to flow with her hope and emotions I saw a large red heavy door open as I recieved “come on in the waters fine”

Thr card was The Sun

Today feel into your emotions

In-body them for the messengers they are

Don’t overanalyse them from fear in order to control their behaviour

Listen to their, your wisdom

May we all recognise the medicine available in the dreams we dare to hold for ourselves and Pachamama.

In munay




May be an image of text

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