Daily guidance

“If you knew that hope and despair were paths to the same destination which one would you choose”

Robert Breault

I woke early this morning!

Gifting me time not only to prepare for our Sound study day, journal, pray and heal but…

To make Sacred the space around and therefore within me.

It IS necessary

I’ve seen many suggest otherwise over the years

We ARE walking prayers indeed and as such meditative states in all we do is an evolving essential.

But without the recognition of this, through focus and intent…ie the setting up of Sacred Space in each moment, the energy and outcome are diluted

We no longer live in a time of regular ceremony or necessary rites of passage and as such many changes go unnoticed leaving us unable to truly move forward

When we call in energies to aid us, be it the Archetypes, Angelic realm, Ancestors, Higherself or our very breath with conscious awareness we are reconnecting to an innate knowing

We are not alone

We are all one

We are weaving the Story of life itself in all our actions

In this a higher wisdom, love and service is available

Assisting all we intend

Be it cooking dinner for loved ones or praying for Pachamama

All life becomes ceremony, as all life is Sacred.

In this space this morning shuffling the Tarot I realised the nine of Swords remained under my pillow from journeying with it last night.

Not wanting to wake my husband I decided to gain insight without it.

The despair and mental anguish had been removed from the outcome

As is often the case by being in Sacred space

Selecting from behind the Queen of Swords, tuning into the unknown card, I placed it within my eighth chakra.

Bringing it down first to my third eye, heart, then womb I had no idea what the energy was.

I knew I had to channel it through my body

Aware through these centres in particular, with Yachay (wisdom and sight) munay (love) and llank’ay (service) things would be moving forward, I recieved “intention is key”

The card was the Two of Wands

Today find the time to make Sacred all space

Including yourself

It DOES matter

It is the difference between despair and hope

May we all recieve the creative intents we are being asked to deliver by tuning into the Sacred vessels we are through the respect of ceremony.

In munay.




May be an image of 1 person and text that says "QUEEN USGAMES SWORDS WANDS"

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