Daily guidance

“When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this-you haven’t”

Thomas Edison

Today has been hard


To be expected journeying with the eight of Swords!

I have been aware of the negative restrictions, my own and collectively

So acutely within my energy, taught, wound up like just like the card.

Holding space for this, without fixing or adding confusion I can sense in reality, I have grown

My needs, thoughts, vision no longer has comfort in returning to the old reflective programming or conditioning of what was.

When I return to this understandably I feel trapped, without hope.

I can sense a huge release in the air for all willing to look, myself included, as my own sister, with elevated blood pressure faces possible induction of her son.


The Masculine archetype

There are decisions to be made, the biggest being to stick with what is required, Freedom, in order to deliver something new.

It’s going to demand we truly see what is occuring

Where we may have potentially imprisoned ourselves

Having unsuccessfully contacted my previous pension department, made little headway with employment, I myself could feel the tightness of needing another option.

A way out.

Shuffling the Tarot, selecting from behind the ten of cups, I tuned into the unknown image.

Feeling suddenly cold, hungry, fed up, like my basic needs were no longer met I heard “feel this change within you now let it break you open”

The card was the Ten of Pentacles

Today, hold space for what may be occuring.

We are all being asked to stretch from our comfort zones

To facilitate the birth of the elder archetype within us

Only available by delivering a new more Sacred Masculine in our actions.

There is no room for compromise if we are to create the future we all have longed for

May we all share the wealth available through this necessary, albeit painful labouring vision of a new world.

In deepest munay




May be an image of text

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