Daily guidance

“Signs from Spirit are all around us and everything speaks to us if we are aware”

James Van Praagh

I woke to the sound of vomit this morning

Not from my 21 year old son, although I did enjoy the drunken conversation!

But from my cat.

My female Leo

Clearing up the mess along with cleansing my home for an inspection tomorrow, last nights dreams regarding relationships mirrored exactly where I was at

The Six of Swords, so ready, like us all to move forward, the current card I am journeying with today.

Surrendering, shuffling the Tarot, guided to watch a video from another’s perspective on the current circumstances, I wondered how Spirit would view my own.

Eyes drawn to a bag of near empty kindling, I thought about the changes required to re ignite my own spark as I randomly selected from behind The Tower, The Wheel of Fortune in the background.

Tuning into the unknown image in my hands, my cat now resting by an unlit fire I heard “deal with what is making you sick” as my heart tore open.

The card was the Three of Swords.

Today look at any dis-ease being reflected back to you.

Surrender to the guidance available for the healing it can bring.

May we all release our own expectations for the heart break this can cause.

See all things from all perspectives.

Re-connect to the changes required beyond our own beliefs,for only here can Spirit truly aid us forward.

It’s time to get our one home in order from within!

In deepest munay




May be an image of text

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