Daily guidance

“The future belongs to those who believe in their dreams”

Eleanor Roosevelt

Today I didn’t take the time to wake early

To connect

As such I have spent the morning defending myself, energetically.

It’s been hard.

The more I do so the heavier my external environment becomes.

It feels like a battle.

Because individually and collectively it is.

Yet I have never felt a time more vital to remain holding space, guiding my own light, believing in dreams that seem so far away.

Having sent prayers and healing in ceremony as always, I shuffled the Tarot.

Aware of Earth and wisdom keepers, Ancestors, galactic energies all around me, I became protected in my own vibration

Ironically randomly selecting from behind the Seven of Wands and The Magician I recieved “the things we could share with you if there was time”

Tuning into the unknown card, glancing at my dream catcher the middle of it all I heard “what’s at the centre of any dream…space”

The card was The Sun

Right now it is essential we all create the visions we hold for our future, anyway we can

But that is going to require we stand in our light in a way we have never known

Take space from anything that dims this now, be it media, news, or each other, make this connection a priority.

There is much coming in to help if we only make the time to become hollow bones, channels, conduits of change.

May we all realise we ARE the dream catchers and remember this magic within us, for the sake of us all.

In deepest munay




May be an image of text that says "SEVEN THE MAN MAGICIAN WANDS XIX THE SUN"

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