Weekly energy report

Many continue to dip their toes in who they are, returning when the waters are too uncomfortable.

This week’s video ( see below) suggests it is time to see what “lies” in the ocean of our own sacred Masculine and Divine Feminine.

Can we Spiritually, emotionally mature.

Blueprints like all energies are a living organism and many have evolved, we are being gifted the opportunity to re-establish our own.

If we can simplify the large potential occurring around and within us

There can always be peace.

It’s time to open our eyes to this.

To wake up to the energies.

To focus on our own light, the emphasis is on us now and our own perceptions in regard to what will be manifested.

Can we take responsibility for this, or will we be continually adapting to external environments.

By concentrating on the emphasis, the message from Pachamama we are able to define what we came here to do and observe any conflict WE may have with this to evolve and embody our own truth.

A time to go back to basics, to strip back any dis-ease we may have with the very empowerment we have been seeking.

We have the opportunity for a truce but must acknowledge it for the starting point it is at the beginning of the week, come the weekend with much needed work, proficiency in this is available if we decide what is manageable in each moment by recognising what we can do not what we can’t.

What energy are we actually championing

It is time to recognise the heavyweights we actually are.

This will take courage, higher heart expansion and witnessing of our own beliefs, judgements in regard to what, where and how we share alongside the impact this has in our daily lives and the collective.

What is driving us and the “bigger plan”

Can we fully express our needs

Step out of hopelessness

Get “our hopes up”

Open to options we may not have considered

Beliefs and truth will be questioned from a place of trauma, we are being asked to focus beyond what is occurring to find a free-thinking solution.

The Pisces new moon gifts an opportunity to break free from mental torment if we can truly see things, ourselves included for what they really are.

Witnessing is key to reflect on the consequences of our actions.

It’s time to connect to the victory available by releasing the need for any dogma and returning to spiritual order of oneness.

Can we remove the blindfold we have worn in regard to our own light and see the power to illuminate a new world it is guiding us towards.

In deepest munay

Until next time



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