Daily guidance

“It wasn’t the heart that broke but the arms that held it”

Kirsty Dignam

I had expected sleeping with the three of Swords beneath my pillow to be difficult.

I saw war, pain, conflict and its cost, enough to keep me up with the restriction in my heart.

But this morning, with the Sun shining, ub40 on the radio, my higher heart spinning open as a result, to include my throat, I feel…

Well in truth I don’t know what I feel, from my mind at least…because that isn’t feeling!

Obvious but often necessary to clarify in my own body at times!

Having dreampt of my mum again last night, being very busy with me on my Swords journey, I was taken back to my biggest heartbreak.

My own internal battle

A moment of trauma that created the reality of all those that would follow.

Every heartbreak.

I don’t recall the event or what occurred but this morning I feel separate somehow, witnessing.


Gazing at my heart figurine whilst shuffling the Tarot in this space, I recalled dropping it as I heard the above quote.

Visualising a male Knight so very clearly in my minds eye followed by Joan of Arc as I randomly selected from behind the Wheel of Fortune, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Finding myself walking through an archway, within a spiral tower I entered a cave full of magical objects.

I knew this place, had been here often, yet had never connected it to the card I now held!

Aware of Merlins familiar comforting energy I asked for a message and recieved ” what do you need to make the changes happen now”

Feeling into my heart, I knew this was my magic, as it expanded, stretched and reconnected to my womb space whilst all the old energy around me crumbled.

The card was The Tower underneath which sat Temperence.

Today focus on what is in front of you

Look at how your perception may be affected by the past

Let go of any unnecessary traumatic foundations

May we all hold space for the heart expansion required, opening our arms to embrace the change we have been creating.

In munay





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