Weekly energy report

It’s time to get a grip!

This week’s video ( see below) we are being asked to look at our own cup, how to fulfil our own self care and needs, empower others to do the same and regain any hope we may have “lost”

The “Magic” of change is in the view of the Earth and Feminine ( reflection is key- side note 22 portal actually adds up to 12 not 10 as mentioned in the video!- the difference 2! Union available by reconnecting to the changes we carry within us!)

What is guiding us forward?

Can we really look at our own shadow?

We are being asked to hold space for the changes that are occurring and continue to happen.

To determine what we are willing to hold onto during these current storms and what now needs to be let go of.

How do we know when a situation is done…. We will feel it!

Can we acknowledge this without judgement or ego?

Monumental shifts for us all including Pachamama in regard to the heart ley line, dragons and the Feminine.

By aiding the delivery of the sacred Masculine, our actions, thoughts, beliefs.

Today marks the passing of Jamal Edwards ( rest in Peace, may his family be held in love and light through this transition) an incredible artist who knew and incorporated to his core, to see the change, we need to be it.

Never has this been more poignant

If we want hope and faith, we need to become it.

To protect ourselves from anything that removes this, look at the growth that has occurred and remain grounded in our own emotions.

Answers will not come from demanding them, the ego will only repeat the same clarity.

If we want deep guidance we must sit in the question, as uncomfortable as it may be and seek the help required.

We are being asked to recognise our own limitations, to work within our own sphere of practice and refer to alternative aid as needed.


We are the portal, it isnt outside of us, but within!

It is time to reconnect to the Divine Feminine within us in all her/our forms and from here receive the clarity we are seeking to empower others to achieve the same.

In deepest munay

Until next week



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