Daily guidance

” No one else knows the whole story. I was there I lived through it”

Christine Keeler

How was the Leo Full Moon for you all?

Personally I am reeling

Within a healing so deep, on all levels, I have no actual words!

Unusual for me, being a Leo!

But there’s a time and a place.

I discovered this last night at college.

Presenting on Spirituality and mental health, with no preperation, trusting Divine timing, all flowed until I got to share my story.

Becoming aware of the clock

The denser, shadow aspects of my own “tail”

The irony of discussing narcissism and speaking about myself

I cut it short


The story

The relevance to the whole presentation!

The Medicine

I have reflected on all aspects of this

Things I could have done better

My own guilt and shame for judging my Souls experience

Until this morning.

Noticing I had left my medicine bundle open to wash the outer cloth, my energy field I could kick myself!

I had known this was coming!

Set the intention for it when I first signed up for the course.

Remembering the download I recieved the moment I said yes, regarding Spirituality and counselling!

Finally, of course it just happened to be in a Leo Full Moon!

My Divinity wanted to be heard, to be seen, in its imperfection, this was the Medicine behind it all!

By myself.

Having shifted, healed, released with tears, conjestion and a chest so sore from heart expansion my whole posture has changed, I shuffled the Tarot.

Selecting from behind the Hermit, watching a cobra van drive past, followed by a chi lorry I tuned into the unknown image in my hands and the healer I am.

Surrounded by three pillars, kestrels flying outside, I visualised the Four of Pentacles in my minds eye as I heard “are you ready to let it all go now, to shed the old skin”

Aware of a loyalty to my journey, an endurance, I felt the pain of sharing only half my story energetically and recieved “because it is only half of your story!”

Candle in the wind playing in my head I heard “don’t let the legend burn out your light”

The card was the Three of Wands

May we all re connect to the spark within our shadow

Not our paths but the very Soul guiding us

Our own Spirituality

In deepest munay




May be an image of text

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