Daily guidance

“The higher one goes the less there is, but in this lack of things the true wealth of your Divine self will be revealed”

The Eagle (Leeza Robertson)

Great Apuchin

Mover of mountains

Thanks to my own Cat I am up early, meaning I have time to complete much today.

The emphasis of energy this week

Completion if we allow it, rather than become distracted by old patterns, news, trauma.

Individually and collectively

Although tired I’m very grateful, as we lead into the Full moon “her call” has awakened me

On so many levels

From womb study day workbooks, through to gorgeous kuya limpia sessions, the Divine Feminine has been calling for some time.

Differently for us all, as I find myself surrounded by the Medicine of Shekinah, I am incredibly humbled for this deep knowing that had always been within me and for all the journeys to awaken her gifts.

With Divine, time-in.

From a higher perspective

Shuffling the cards, following healing and prayers this morning, they felt off, literally smelling funny.

Ironically randomly selecting from behind the Seven of Swords, I tuned into the unknown image in my hands.

Finding myself sat upright, the birds singing outside, I turned my feet inwards and grasped the ground with my toes like talons.

Visualising a penguin, then polar bear on a glacier seperate from the main land, I recieved ” detach from it all now”

The card was the King of Swords

Today still the mind

Step away from the non essential, YOU do have that choice!

In doing so your part of the World can do the same!

When clear return to decisions to be made with a clearer vision, purpose, clarity and precision

May you hear your Souls voice in the wind calling you towards the heights you only dare to dream

In deepest munay




May be an image of text

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