Daily guidance

“Self care is how you take your power back”

Lalah Delia

What is self care to you

This morning I have recieved a huge moment of clarity regarding this

Walking late I didn’t feel like writing for the upcoming course I’m planning

Sacred creation

Womb wisdom

I was stuck

On self care!

I knew exactly what ceremonial rituals to include but had no energy behind creating them

I know by agreeing to this Universal conception into my own being I have initiated a journey alongside my womb space

So it was here I went.

In meditation, to this Sacred place within.

Recieving “the ultimate self care is to deliver your creations” I felt a shudder and release to my core as Desiree “you gotta be” played in the background.

Shuffling the Mystical Shaman oracle, reminded to connect to the energy I am creating with and for, I randomly ironically selected from behind the moon!

Aware of support, love, Ancestors and guides around me, a deep rooted lineage of sisterhood, a necessity to continue I asked for a message.

Acknowledging the knowing sense of aspects coming together I heard an etheric message guiding me to find what I now needed to deliver.

The card was the hunter.

This week as mentioned in the energy report (in comments) we are being gifted completion of so many things.

It is essential we utilise all our senses now.

To read the map of our own creations and begin a journey guided by our own Souls compass.

May we seek and find that which is seeking us with ease and grace

In deepest munay



What are you hunting for this Full “snow moon”


May be an image of ‎text that says "‎ی The Moon The Hunter‎"‎

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