Weekly energy report

Beauty is in the “I” of the beholder.

All eleven of them!

Video mentioned in regard to cleaning our shamanic eyes can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-pJgf9192Q

Large downloads of light available this week ( video below) to correlate with the Leo full moon, the 22.2.22 portal and from now until the Lionsgate portal.

We are being gifted an opportunity to expand the heart with the sacredness of divine timing and patience to recognise the beauty way upon our path.

Compassion is the key to open the portals and the door between hope and despair.

It is all part of the growth process, layer by layer to bring all aspects of our soul heart together and deeply embark on the Souls journey.

If we can connect to the love we are inside, come from, are here to bring we gift the ultimate energy to ourselves, each other and Pachamama this Valentine’s week.

We are being asked to be aware of rising side effects for what they are the release of old addictive patterns.

Physically be mindful of the back and hips this week as we open ourselves to a deeper connection with ourselves and the Earth.

Can we recognise when it is time to speak and when to listen to our bodies.

Divine patience is required this week alongside a mental, physical and spiritual balance to receive the unconditional love, transmutation and beauty from the Earth we have always been, here we can embrace:

What have we sacrificed

What have we transmuted

How have we grown

What is the medicine

The best way to navigate the energies this week:

Set the intention of the beauty way

Open all of our senses to receive

Connect deeper

We are being guided to wake up with all our senses not just our eyes!

Large elder energy coming in, the wisdom and aid available for those willing to connect.

Are we ready to open to this power?

To become the Earth keepers we are.

We are currently in between realities, although disorientating, if we can hold space for this middle ground with peace, we are becoming the portal for a different reality now, away from negative programming.

If we avoid the urge to adapt other perspectives we eliminate the biggest distraction upon our own journey, take stock of where we are and how aligned to what we are manifesting. Here we can open energetically to physically deliver what we have conceived.

This week we are being gifted an opportunity to ensure we are well positioned to receive what is needed, taking time to have “skin to skin” with our own souls will repair our supply and demand and empower us to recognise our Strength as divine creators.

There is gentle transformation available through the acceptance of what we know on a Soul level and completion of an exceptionally long path, home now, by bringing it all together.

Until next week

In deepest munay



What gifts are you opening up to?

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