Daily guidance

“The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up”

Paul Valery

Try telling that to my body

My heavy head

Sore clumped throat

Mouth of ulcers

Ringing ears

I did not want to wake up

Now I have I want to go back to bed or at least have a cigarette!

This would all ease then!

But I can’t, in reality I know my body is making my dreams come true.

Being healthy having a higher love for myself

By waking up all the aspects of smoking damage within and healing it.

Reminding me where I have been asleep for far too long in regards to my own wellbeing and worth

Shuffling the Tarot, selecting from behind the nine of Pentacles this morning, I could feel this collectively.

Looking outside at the for sale sign I heard “what are you buying into” as I became acutely aware of the prostitute Archetype.

Feeling completely detached I recieved “every dis-ease is worse upon waking, give it time”

The card was the Eight of Wands

Today look at what your rising to

Reach even higher

Know any reactions are all aspects of the Spirit waking within you

May we all refuse to sell ourselves short leading up to the Leo Full moon by recognising our true worth.

In munay



What are you waking to, how can this help you reach a higher level of worth?


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