Daily guidance

“Forgiveness does not change the past but it does enlarge the future”

Paul Boese

I’m not sure I agree 100 percent

But have you ever googled quotes on forgiveness?!

Inundated this morning on how to words, why to reasoning, positive poems I went deeper into its relevance to today’s post

Expansion of the future

It’s what I do, we all do

Facilitate the times to come, by delivering the changes needed

Having shuffled the Tarot this morning for collective guidance, I had felt a sense of wanting answers but also avoiding them.

Randomly selecting from behind The Moon and ten of Swords I tuned in to the unknown image in my hand.

Visualising a large portal in my minds eye, black and white light, a lyran and then Isis.

Beloved Isis

Stood in front of me with great compassion and love repeating the word forgiveness.

Confused I had asked for clarity and recieved “forgiveness is all there is”

The card had been The Wheel of Fortune, reversed.


But not quite how we may expect, through forgiveness.

Leading up to 22.2.22 we are being gifted a large unique opportunity to pass through the next stage of our own evolution, individually and collectively.

First we will see all that restricts this.

May we all recognise the shifts of forgiveness required, be they with ourselves or others, to truly move on from the mental anguish of any illusions regarding the changes now available.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to for-give?


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