Daily guidance

” The truth in you remains as radiant as a star, as pure as light, as innocent as love itself”

James Lane Allen

Day two

No “drags”


The opposite

I’m buzzing

Full of energy

Physically sparkling

But the cravings are there

Not just the urge to artificially light up but to tone down my vibration.

To ground it or rather suppress it

That’s what smoking did for me

Made myself more manageable

Less direct

Less hyper

Less… light

To avoid being “too much”

I hadn’t realised this until yesterday

From my nine, yes nine, year old inner child who first felt the drag





This morning aware of such a deep connection both to my Higher self and inner Innocence I felt their link.

One and the same

Pure love and light overruling grounded in this energy

Shuffling the Tarot, selecting the card that had been hanging out, patiently from the pack, randomly from behind the Queen of Pentacles, the sun shone as I tuned into the unknown image.

Seeing a large orb in front of me, turn into a red stage curtain, gently nudged forward as it opened I recieved “you are about to take centre stage, own it!”

The card was The Sun

Today look at how you may be holding yourself back

Not others


Own this and move forward

May we all remember and ground in our own truth.

In deepest munay



Are you ready to hold your own light?


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