Weekly energy report

What do you thirst for?

What connections are now needed to grow your heart soul?

Are you prepared to give and receive of this freely?

This week ( video below) holds the potential for a higher direction forward if we can avoid being swayed by the waves of our own mental beliefs.

Is there anything to gain from seeking further information about a situation?

How does or will this truly affect our own innate connection and intuition

Our own heart?

How can we use our bodies to gage where we are, by returning to the heart and re-locating the gift behind any painful progression this week.

It’s time to hold space for our Soul’s potential.

By looking at any addictive stories that remove us from the middle ground and the view of the world we long to create.

Can we avoid linking the individual necessary decisions to our external collective and take responsibility for ourselves as the Magicians we are.

If we can stand in our own authenticity this week, we may finally wake to who we are and surprise even ourselves.

Can we recognise reactions for the medicine they bring.

What are we done with and how can we stand firm in this, by reconnecting to the “joy of being human” experiencing life.

There is a streamlined powerfully energy being gifted to those able to receive and remember that we don’t always need a reaction or trigger to connect to our sovereignty.

New beginnings are available but they require a new way of connecting, to our thoughts in particular.

Can we see heartbreak for the opportunity of the sacred heart it can bring or will we always be separate from our own Christ consciousness.

Many aspects are being “put into order” including the inner child and twin flame healing.

But we must remain open to our dreams and wishes and this week will highlight where we may be holding the situation, ourselves and each other back.

How are we restricting the Divine Feminine within.

Can we connect to her expanded vision and what we are able to manifest as a result.

Contemplation and an open heart are key this week to reach out and physically touch what we are creating.

Can we let go of everything having to be so hard?

We are not alone in our thirst for change but ease and grace are requisites in order to connect to the divinity of the situation.

A week to reflect on reciprocity, balance, harmony and Prescence of true abundance without our own judgement and expectations.

Hard maybe, but as my dog suggested we have all had enough time to rediscover unconditional love the only gift needed this Valentines day!

Until next time

In munay



Are you ready to ope your heart this Valentines day?

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